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What is Fancoda?

Fancoda is a data science driven platform using automation, AI and hyper-targeted digital marketing to help identify and accelerate artist success.


Automatically grow audiences, improve engagement and develop superfans who want everything your artists release


Discover the emerging artists most likely to succeed, both across the web and on your own artist roster


Developing artist or superstar... Plan events and drive sell outs for a fraction of traditional advertising budgets


Turn strangers into superfans

  • Grow social following and dramatically increase engagement
  • Understand what content works best for your fans
  • Identify what your artists’ most engaged fans look like
  • Automatically hypertarget those audiences most likely to engage

Data driven A&R

Uncover traction across multiple platforms

  • Aggregated social and streaming stats for emerging artists worldwide
  • Identify exciting acts before they break
  • Review your own artist roster to identify those most likely to succeed
  • Monitor development of all your acts in one place


Predictably and efficiently

  • Understand your fanbases around the world and identify key tour markets to target
  • Grow following in key cities ahead of upcoming tour dates
  • Dramatically reduce promotion costs with hyper-targeted digital marketing
  • Identify and profile the most engaged fans and prioritize serving ads to them

Management Team

Experienced team of award-winning entrepreneurs, developers and data scientists who have united with entertainment execs and producers to transform the music industry.

Ben Mendoza


Steve Jones

Director, Content and Creative

Luke Mendoza

Director, Marketing and Data Science

Rick Stevens

Entertainment Industry Advisor

Ed Godshaw

Director, Software Development

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